Gigglepin Hurrican Gears faster winch speed
Gigglepin Hurricane Gear Set - Free Shipping Australia Wide

Gigglepin Hurricane Gear Set - Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Increase your winch STRENGTH and SPEED

NOTE: You may require a Gigglepin Shim Kit if you don't have an existing Gigglepin mainshaft.

The “All NEW” Hurricane gear set from Gigglepin offers extra speed and increased Winch strength.  Surpassing the old Hellfire gears GP Hurricane Gears offer more strenghth whilst delviery the speed.

Manufactured from heat treated EN36 they have been designed for the harsh demands of modern winch competitions.

The SuperShaft now has

  • 15 teeth
  • built in small cam gear to give increased tooth contact and strength
  • New Main gear designed to mesh with new tooth count.

**Note these must be installed as a pair as inividually they will not work.**

This set of two gears replaces the MainShaft & the lower drive gear (7550) in your 8274 or GP winch. The new 15 tooth MainShaft offers improved tooth contact & has a built in small cam gear for enhanced reliability. The large drive gear has been reduced to from 66 to 62 teeth & offers the following speed increases:

Standard ratios Fitted with Hurricane gears

  • STD 133.28:1 Becomes +31% 91.82:1
  • + 15% 115.41:1 Becomes +40% 79.50:1
  • + 25% 100.94:1 Becomes +48% 69.53:1
  • + 40% 83.75:1 Becomes +57% 57.69:1
  • + 50% 66.56:1 Becomes +66% 45.86:1
  • + 60% 53.68:1 Becomes +72% 36.98:1

 The Hurricane gears will fit all GP100, GP50, GP25, GP80 and 8274 winches.

NOTE: If specified at time of order there is NO extra cost for fitting these into new GP100, GP50 or GP25 complete winches.

It is also worth noting that these gears when used with a with lower top ratio gears set to create +40% will provide improved improved strength - Ideal for heavy expedition vehicles.