Freespool Drums 2017

Gigglepin Air Operated Free Spool Winch Drum - "SHORT" - Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Gigglepin Air Operated Free Spool Drum - "SHORT" This pneumatic freespool drum is a direct replacement for the drum on a standard Warm 8274 (of any age).

Available in short or standard (+76mm) This product benefits from over 10 years design and testing and shares design features/components with our GP100 series complete winches & lower housings.

Drums are supplied as a complete kit, including activation kit, drum seal, lubricant & fitting guide.

Redesigned to be stronger, lighter and easier to use it now features 8mm thick Drum end plates to reduce flex Drum end plates spaced away from lower housing so if either do flex the drum continues to operate

Reduced diameter to increase rope capacity Improved EN36 case hardened dog engagement technology same as GP100 series for total reliability Stainless steel bearing supports Large roller bearings and housing seal Drum seal spacer built onto drum Gigglepin rope retention system Supplied with drum seal Supplied with GP Seal Lube (G10018) Supplied with Air solenoid activation kit Supplied with fitting guide & wiring diagram