Gigglepin Winch Motor Brake System
Gigglepin Winch Motor Brake System

Gigglepin Winch Motor Brake System - Twin - Free Shipping Aus Wide

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Want to avoid that Pesky Over-run and stop your winch instantly?

Re-designed for 2019, the Gigglepin Motor Brake System (MBS) is a fully controllable air operated braking system that mounts in between the winch housing and the motor (i.e in front of the motor), and is suitable for any winch/motors fitted with the multi-splined output shaft (Armature shaft). This includes Warn 8274, GP winches and many lowline winches also.

When switched on, the brake operates automatically, and stops the winch dead

  • Fully automatic, but can be also switched off when not required.
  • Defaults to 'Off' if either electrical or air supply is lost.
  • Fits in front of the motor(s), meaning fast, simple motor changes
  • No modification required to either Winch or Motor(s)
  • Requires a positive switched electrical supply (switch included in the kit)
  • Requires a constant pressurised air supply (60 to 150psi)
  • Available in 12 or 24v, for single or twin motor applications
  • One brake unit per motor (Twin motor kit contains two brake units)
  • Suitable for any winch fitted with the 20T splined armature (output) shaft

Perfect for tricky hill descents or total control situations.

 Twin Motor Brake System