Gigglepin Replacement Brakeshaft Circlip for Warn 8274 Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Styles Available:

  • Early (silver)
  • Late (gold)

The circlip that sits on the outer end of the mainshaft (brake shaft) has always been easy to break or lose, and up until now, has only been available new as part of the very expensive Warn 8409 brake service kit, and even then has only been available for the later design of mainshaft.

Gigglepin 4x4 is now having both the early and late types of these circlips manufactured, and they are available individually - an essential part of any spares package!

It is easy to tell if you require the early or late type of circlip - if your winch is fitted with the black spring disc washers between the circlip and the outer brake disc, and the end of the mainshaft is narrower than the body, then you require the late (gold) type - if your mainshaft is of even thickness, and has no washers between the circlip and the outer brake disc, then you require the early (silver) type - please see the photo showing the difference.