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Our rear radius arms are 300mm longer than standard and offer the user many advantages over the standard arms.

Designed to fit to most Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic Chassis, these arms have also been used to great success on a wide variety of other vehicles.

As well as flush, easy-to-fit, galvanised chassis mounting boxes, the longer length means the axle does not walk forward when under extreme articulation. The extra length also gives greater traction, due to forces being transmitted forward along the arm rather than the axle trying to drive under the vehicle hence bending the arm.

Using the original mountings at the axle, these arms are mounted to the chassis with original 2½” Johnny Joints (not the cheap copies that are available) that allow 30 degrees of free movement side to side and unrestricted movement in the vertical plane. As well as this, these joints have polyurethane centres so they react like a bush rather than the hard ride offered by so many rose style joints. Being also grease-able and rebuild-able these joints give our arms unparalleled performance in the toughest of terrains.

The items supplied in the kit are:

2x Radius Arms, fitted with OEM quality bushes at the axle end
2x Galvanised chassis boxes
2x 2 ½” Johnny Joints incl Lock Nuts
2x M14 x 200 mounting bolts, incl crush tubes and nylock nuts
2x M10 x 120 mounting bolts, incl crush tubes and nylock nuts
4x M10 x 35 mounting bolts incl Rivnuts

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